Terms of Use

The www.noupou.gr website provides its services under the following terms of use, which may be updated and amended regularly, without prior notice. Website visitors should periodically check the terms of use for potential changes at http://www.noupou.gr.


The www.noupou.gr website provides its visitors with the necessary technological infrastructure, in order to be able to participate in our website. It is possible to publish comments, texts and audiovisual material related to the articles and our content an presentations in general. You hereby agree and acknowledge that our Services are provided “AS IS & AS DISPLAYED” and that www.noupou.gr is not responsible for the topicality, deletion, faulty delivery and failure to store the content sent by you. Therefore, it is recommended that you always keep your files safe in your personal computer.


Provided that you have accepted the Terms of Use and in the event that you wish to upload content, you will need to fill in a short form, choosing a username, and enter your personal email address. Specifically for the comment posting service, you can log in using your personal social media accounts, for example on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo (one thereof).

(a) The form you are to submit must include a true, accurate and valid email address that belongs to you (hereinafter “Registration Data”).
(b) Your username must not contain words or phrases that are threatening, offensive, harmful, abusive, racist or defamatory.

If you provide untrue, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete information, or in the event that www.noupou.gr has sufficient indications that certain data is untrue or inaccurate or invalid or incomplete, www.noupou.gr has the right to ban you from any current or future use of its Services.


You have been informed and agree that the Services provided and the Software used by www.noupou.gr are protected by the applicable legislation on the protection of intellectual property. Moreover, you have been informed and agree that the website’s Content (articles, news, advertisements, sponsorships etc.) – excluding any content submitted by you – is protected by the applicable legislation on intellectual property, trademarks, patents, unfair competition etc.


You acknowledge that you are solely liable for all information, comments, data, messages and any other Content submitted by you. This means that you hold full responsibility for any Content that you send, publish or otherwise transmit through the Services provided by www.noupou.gr. However, due to the huge volume of the information transmitted and the participation of a very large number of users, we do not have the practical ability to physically monitor the content and, therefore, can in no way guarantee the soundness, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, legality and in general the quality and suitability thereof, nor the absence of possible errors.

The www.noupou.gr website does not control the Content published through the Services and, consequently, it does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the said Content.
You agree not to use the Services for the purpose of sending, publishing, or otherwise transmitting:
(a) Content which you do not have the right to transmit pursuant to the applicable law or your contractual relationships;
(b) Content that is illegal, threatening, libelous, defamatory, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, or that contains racial, ethnic or other discriminations, or can cause harm to minors;
(c) Content that infringes any intellectual rights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other third-party proprietary rights;(d) Content that constitutes unsolicited or unauthorized promotional material, spam, or other actions that adversely affect the ability of other users to engage in real-time exchange of information, causing interferences or interruptions in the Services or servers or networks connected to the Services;
(e) Content which constitutes an imitation of any legal or natural person or a false statement about the identity of the user, or a misleading statement regarding the relationship and/or cooperation of the user/member with another person;
(f) Content containing digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere with, corrupt or restrict the operation of any software or computer equipment or telecommunications network or equipment;
(g) In any way harassing the privacy and individual and social rights of other users/members or third parties (such as through the publication, collection and/or storage of personal data of other users/members or other third-party natural or legal persons).

You understand and acknowledge the international nature of the Internet and commit to respecting and faithfully adhering to the rules of Netiquette. Moreover, you commit to strictly following the legislation on the transmission of data from Greece, Cyprus and Europe to third countries.

You acknowledge that www.noupou.gr does not check the Content in advance, and that it has the right – but not the obligation, at its sole discretion, to reject, move or delete any Content elements that violate the Terms of Use.

You acknowledge that www.noupou.gr is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the failure of users to comply with the terms hereof. In the event that any of the above comes into its knowledge, www.noupou.gr reserves the right to deactivate the relevant account without prior notice to the user. The users of www.noupou.gr are solely and exclusively responsible for providing full compensation in relation to any damages suffered by www.noupou.gr, its partners and/or any third party due to any dispute/disagreement/conflict that may arise and that is due to the users’ non-compliance with the terms hereof.

You have been informed and accept that www.noupou.gr may retain some Content, as well as that it may disclose Content:
(1) to partner companies for the purpose of making the Content available to you in a more convenient way;
(2) for the proper management of your account; and
(3) in the event that this is required in order to:
(a) ensure compliance with the applicable legislation;
(b) better implement the Terms of Use;
(c) provide proof in claims that the Content violates third-party rights.


Under no circumstances can it be considered that www.noupou.gr accepts or embraces the personal ideas or opinions of its visitors, as expressed in their Content, in any way. You remain fully accountable for all your Content. Thus, according to the above, the sole party responsible for its content is the same user who created and uploaded it through the tools made available thereto by www.noupou.gr.

You acknowledge and accept the nature of the Internet as an environment that is open and accessible by third parties; therefore, you understand and accept that www.noupou.gr cannot be held responsible under any circumstances, in the event that a third party violates your content.

Due to the large volume of data, www.noupou.gr is not able to check and verify the accuracy of the content published by its users; therefore, it cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies and/or misleading statements made by its users. In the event of a complaint that there is illegal Content on our website, which violates third-party rights and is generally incompatible with fair trading practices, while at the same it also violates the present terms, www.noupou.gr may immediately delete it without notice to the user who uploaded it. Furthermore, for the same reasons, www.noupou.gr may ban any user who has violated the present terms.


The users of our services may provide links leading to other websites. The www.noupou.gr website is unable to control these sites and it cannot be held accountable under any circumstances for the Content, ads, promotions, contests, services, products etc. placed on such websites. By accepting these terms, you expressly agree and accept that www.noupou.gr is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage caused to you because of or in connection with the use of the Content in the aforementioned websites.

In the event of voting procedures or surveys, www.noupou.gr does not bear any responsibility for the results thereof; they are considered as the personal judgment of the website visitors, and under no circumstances can they be considered as the administrators’ processing product.


You grant a non-exclusive, globally valid license to www.noupou.gr for any Content that you upload and publish thereto, without an obligation to pay royalties in order to display, modify, adapt and publish the said Content on our website. This license is valid until your Content is in any way removed from our website.


The www.noupou.gr website reserves the right to set limits regarding the use of the Services, such as, indicatively, limitations relating to the size or number of files you can upload etc.

You expressly acknowledge that www.noupou.gr is not liable for the deletion or failure to store your Content.

The www.noupou.gr website reserves the right, without compensation and at its sole discretion, to modify or terminate, temporarily or permanently, the Services described herein, even without providing prior notice. You acknowledge that www.noupou.gr is not accountable toward you for any modifications to, the suspension or termination of its Services.


You agree to compensate and protect www.noupou.gr, its partners, executives, agents, other associates and employees from any claims raised by third parties, which are due to or caused by your Content.


You have been informed on and expressly agree to the following:
You fully assume any risk from using the Services of www.noupou.gr. Services are provided “AS IS” and “DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY”.
The www.noupou.gr website does not guarantee nor promise that:
(a) The Services will meet your requirements.
(b) Any errors in the software will be fixed.


You agree and accept that www.noupou.gr is not responsible for any direct or indirect, material or consequential damage from data use as a result of:
(a) The use or failure to use the Services;
(b) Services or products purchased or otherwise obtained or messages received or transactions carried out by or through the Services;
(c) Unauthorized access to your content and data or alteration thereof;
(d) Statements or actions by any third party;
(e) The user's decision to rely on the correctness, completeness and/or usefulness of any content. You understand and acknowledge that you cannot rely on the content uploaded by other users to www.noupou.gr, including any links that may be posted. Due to the nature and volume of the Internet, you understand and accept that by visiting third-party content uploaded to the services of www.noupou.gr, you are likely to be exposed to indecent, disturbing, offensive, immoral, vulgar, unlawful content etc. Under no circumstances can www.noupou.gr be held liable for any damage or loss you may suffer due to your exposure to the aforementioned content.


The www.noupou.gr website complies with and responsibly implements the legislation on Personal Data. The information you provide to us is not disclosed to third parties (except for cases where this is provided for by law and only to the competent authorities) and it is not publicly disclosed or exploited in any way. Exceptionally, www.noupou.gr may disclose personal data in the following cases:

  1. When it has the users’ explicit consent for the disclosure of their personal information in any way.
  2. When the disclosure is made to third-party natural or legal persons cooperating with www.noupou.gr and only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary for the provision of the respective service by www.noupou.gr.
  3. In the event that it is required by law, court order or requested by any other state or regulatory authority.


The users of www.noupou.gr have the ability to delete their personal data and information at any time, to rectify and update it, or to inactivate their registration. To perform any of the above actions, please contact info@nou-pou.gr.


The www.noupou.gr website respects the intellectual and industrial property of others and it requests that its users do the same. If you believe that any of your intellectual rights or trademarks has been infringed, please provide the following information to www.noupou.gr via e-mail at info@nou-pou.gr.

  1. A description of the exact location of the material you claim to be infringing;
  2. Your address, telephone number and email;
  3. A declaration by you – in good faith – that you believe that the disputed use has not been authorized by the copyright holder or the trademark holder;
  4. Your solemn declaration under penalty of perjury that the above information is accurate and that you are the copyright or trademark holder, or that you have been authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder;
  5. The use of our trademarks and/or identifying marks without our permission is strictly prohibited.


The above terms and conditions of use relating to the www.noupou.gr website, as well as any changes thereto, are governed and supplemented by the law of the European Union and the relevant international treaties. In the event that any provision of the above terms becomes incompatible with the Law, it shall automatically cease to apply, without affecting the validity of the other terms under any circumstances.

The present Terms of Use, which you explicitly declare to have received knowledge of by way of your acceptance, constitute the overall agreement between www.noupou.gr and you. No changes to these terms shall be taken into account nor form part of this agreement, unless they have been incorporated herein.