10 café-restaurants that “serve” the best sea view

We have selected ten restaurants and all-day cafés in the southern suburbs that put you in a holiday mood with their breathtaking sea views.

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What is the No. 1 advantage of living in the South? But, of course, the fact that you’re always a stone’s throw away from the most beautiful beaches of Attica. And if during the winter you limit your visits to the beaches (badly, if you ask us), as soon as the weather warms up you look for excuses to be by the sea. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite restaurants and all-day spots that offer tables by the sea, great sea views, sunsets and delicious culinary offerings.


In an idyllic location, right next to the sea in the “Asteria” of Glyfada, where the waves crash and with award-winning cuisine, Ark is a destination that awakens all senses. From the moment you enter, you are impressed by the calm luxury of its high-ceilinged salon – a wonderful touch is the exotic plants that add to its stately atmosphere. The setting is equally cosmopolitan outdoors, of course, with the magnificent view of the bay from its elegant balcony and pier.
It is undoubtedly worth visiting at any time of the day, however if we had to pick one it would be at the time when the sun sets on the sea, offering a magnificent sunset. Now imagine combining this setting with the high-end menu curated by executive chef Yannis Baxevanis and his team of Antonis Zeridis, Dionysis Zacharopoulos and Konstantina Gini -which was recently awarded the Greek Cuisine Award- and you can see why Ark stands out. We suggest you try the shrimps baked in pebbles, served on carob with white tarama mousse, eggplant with fried onions, pine nuts, raisins and almond tahini foam for main courses, calf fillet with hazelnut sauce, onion puree and eggplant croquette or organic chicken breast with spicy raw tomato sauce, sun-dried tomato risotto, galena cream and barley popcorn.

Blue Fish

Well known and extremely popular among fish lovers, Blue Fish, apart from the unique way in which it manages the (always high quality) raw material, has gained a firm place among the top preferences of Southerners also because of its stunning location on the sea. Its refined aesthetics, with obvious Cycladic influences, blend perfectly with the tender landscape of the coast: the calm green bay and the white sails of the sailing boats that make you feel like you have left Athens many kilometres away.
It opens its doors early in the afternoon to welcome us with classic fish meze and ouzo by the waves, but its atmosphere takes off at night when its lights are reflected on the water – a magical image. That’s when it’s the perfect time to visit with your other half, for an evening full of flavour, special culinary creations, elegance and a sea breeze that is sure to be unforgettable. An extra tip: make sure your reservation starts in the late afternoon, so you have the chance to see the sky turn red from your seat, in one of the most beautiful sunsets of the southern suburbs.


A timeless must for Southerners, Varkiza’s Island – and its breathtaking views – need no introduction. Though it’s usually talked about for its parties, it actually offers high quality service throughout the day, “forcing” us to return to its inviting spaces every summer.
From the delicious brunch after a morning dip, to the chilled, special cocktails on the evening menu, there’s nothing we don’t like. Our big favourite, however, is its restaurant, where we get to enjoy a unique mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, with the sushi section always stealing the show.
Whether you prefer it for a chill evening meal overlooking the sea, or choose to party while gazing at the reflections of the fireworks in the water, however, you can be sure it will make up for it. And one of the most important reasons for this will always be its magnificent location. Our suggestion? By the time autumn arrives, make sure you’ve enjoyed all that it has to offer, under the morning light, but also by its elegant evening illumination.


In an absolutely Cycladic setting, among wild rocks and on golden, powdery sand, you meet Krabo. But you won’t be in some (not so) hidden secret of Mykonos, but in the bay of Vouliagmeni.
With a boho air and high aesthetics, it welcomes you on its comfortable sunbeds from the morning. There you can enjoy the turquoise waters of its impressive beach with all the comforts, while the gourmet flavours of its restaurant – which also enjoys a privileged view of the beautiful bay – are sure to satisfy even the most demanding.
Talk of the town from its first day of operation, Krabo stands out mainly for its understated elegance and the seamless blend of its wooden tables and earthy décor with the natural environment, but also for its unique crab-based dishes, from which it takes its name. An ideal choice for those days when all you crave is relaxation in front of the water.


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the beach, Nalu comes with a tropical vibe, all-day character and cool nights on the beach to put you in the ultimate summer mood, even while you are in the city. The favourite meeting point of the South stands out for its great location on the beach, the impressive palm trees that automatically create an exotic island atmosphere and, of course, its dreamy sunset. It’s no coincidence that its Sunset Parties have left a mark.
Start your day with an excellent coffee by the sea or combine it with a swim. Replenish your strength with a delicious meal and don’t leave without trying one of its infernal pastries. Back home for a shower and in the evening… Nalu again, for dancing and high-end cocktails on the sandy beach. At any time of the day, however, you’ll be able to make the most of the idyllic scenery, thanks also to the subtle lighting in the palm trees at night, which adds to the feeling that you’re in a luxury resort and not a few kilometres from the centre of Athens.


What could be better than the spectacular view of the endless blue? The spectacular view of the endless blue from a lush garden, in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. This is exactly what the beloved Notos Lounge offers, which after its recent renovation has further upgraded its impressive spaces.
The revamp, which had already started with its cosy lounge, extended to the new, design-oriented tables of its outdoor areas – and it didn’t stop there. Interesting changes have also been made to the greenery and other deck facilities, creating a heavenly setting in front of the sea.
The beautiful scenery is complemented by the delicious dishes, friendly atmosphere and refreshing cocktails, putting Notos on the list of the most irresistible seaside destinations of the summer. And that’s not even mentioning the golden sunset you can admire while sitting in the coolness of its well-kept garden.

Riviera Coast

Palm trees, the endless blue of the sea, a comfortable wooden deck that welcomes you early in the morning and elegant, light decoration. From the moment you find yourself in the comfortable spaces of Riviera Coast in Voula, each of which offers you alternative options, nothing will remind you that you’re staying in Attica. In fact, the character of this sophisticated all-day multi-purpose venue makes you feel more like you’re in a cosmopolitan holiday destination. Just what you need at any time of the year, but now in summer maybe a little more so!
Depending on the time of day you choose to visit, there will be a different tasty surprise waiting for you. But what never changes is its breathtaking view and its big advantage: its unique location, right above the sea. Start your day with a refreshing coffee at Riviera Coast – or better yet, combine it with a delightful swim -, continue with a light meal over the waves and automatically make every evening out for dinner or cocktails incomparably more romantic, enjoying them in front of one of the most beautiful sunsets in Attica. Besides, at the very moment when the sun dips into the sea, the atmosphere of the Riviera Coast, with its cosmopolitan vibes and island air, is brought out to the fullest.


Its airy, beautiful (and recently renovated) spaces make you forget that you are in a restaurant with a history of almost a century. In the meantime, much has changed: from its location, which was moved in 1959 from what is now Asteras to the equally beautiful little Kavouri, to the recipes of the delicious fish dishes now offered by the grandchildren of Peter Garbis. Fortunately, everything else has remained the same, from the idyllic view of the deep blue waters, to the always first quality fish, which arrive fresh daily from the boats of Leros.
Cozy atmosphere, unobstructed view up to where the sea meets the sky, a delicious beach and plenty of seafood references in the thoughtful, elegant decoration, make you return to its tables every summer – and not only. You’ll come here for seafood appetizers after swimming, but also for a relaxed outing with a holiday air on evenings after the office or on weekends, to enjoy classic “seafood” dishes as well as more special culinary creations, which compete with each other in taste and freshness and make an excellent companion with a glass of wine from the restaurant’s carefully selected list. Whatever you choose, it is certain that combined with this unique sea view, you have everything you need to drive away the fatigue of everyday life.

En Plo

Its name is not at all accidental, as the endless blue that surrounds you in the historic restaurant of the southern suburbs, which has been a trademark for the area for 20 years, makes you really feel that you are “on board”. On a luxury yacht mid-ocean, heading for the summer destination of your dreams.
Its privileged location in Vouliagmeni Bay and a stone’s throw from Poseidonos Avenue would be enough to make you return every summer to its wooden deck and well-kept rotundas. But En Plo makes sure to tempt you in every possible way. From its creative Mediterranean cuisine to its golden sunset views, every feature completes the puzzle of its charm.
The perfect choice for a romantic dining outing, but also for the most delicious catch-up with your friends or family, it is definitely one of this summer’s musts. A big plus is the timeless kindness of its people, which always enhances the experience. If you get a chance, book one of the tables at the edge of the deck for dinner with the soundtrack of the crashing waves and you’ll remember us.


Close your eyes and picture it: you are on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Athenian Riviera. You’ve had a day full of swimming and sunbathing, but you don’t feel ready to leave the sound of the waves and the cool sea breeze. Or instead, you’ve just finished a day at work and all you want is to feel the soothing effect of the sea for a while. Sound good? Then all you have to do is rush over to 40Forty.
The all day café-restaurant that was loved as soon as it appeared, continues to offer amazing dining options throughout the day and, of course, generous views of the deep blue waters of Astir Beach. During the day, in its elegant facilities you can enjoy delicious juices and healthy snacks and lunch – just the thing for after the swim – while the evening menu is where things get decidedly more gourmet (be sure to try something, anything, from the Raw Bar). However, the time that suits it best of all is late afternoon, when the sky and sea are painted bright red by its spectacular sunset.