50 things to do in the southern suburbs of Athens this summer

A trip to Athens is not complete without an excursion (or more) to the southern suburbs of the city, the well-known Athenian Riviera.

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Diving on island-like beaches, restaurants and flavors that make you fall in love with Greece and summer, walks by the sea, concerts, sunsets, endless parties and cocktails. The summer in Athens belongs to southern suburbs and the local people are well aware of this. Here are 50 suggestions for things to do along the Athenian Riviera – or just outside the trending coastal route. Combine two or more of them to create a unique day trip in the hottest part of Athens.

Eat a waffle with two scoops of ice cream and praline spread at Waffle House in Vouliagmeni

For years, the waffle of Waffle House in Vouliagmeni has been a must for Athenians. In an island-like yard, you will choose from dozens of different and special ice cream flavors, which you will combine with a crispy waffle and plenty of hazelnut praline spread. Forget about the calories because the taste is out of this world.


Watch "Doctor Strange" or any other of this year's summer blockbusters at the Arian open air cinema in Glyfada

Going to summer cinemas is a must in Greece. After all, is there anything better than watching a movie under the stars on a hot summer night? At Arian in Glyfada you can enjoy the new Marvel movie “Doctor Strange” or some of the other movies of the season, while enjoying your cold drink.


Τake water skiing lessons at Lolo’s Ski Center in Vouliagmeni

Lolos Stamatis is one of the oldest and most experienced water ski instructors in Greece. He started water skiing in the early 70’s, when he was still a child, then he did it at a championship level and now he is the owner and trainer of Lolo’s Ski Center in Vouliagmeni. Apart from skiing, you can also try other watersports, for a completely fun day in the sea.


Go to a concert at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The iconic Cultural Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation has one of the most beautiful parks in Athens, has free entrance and organizes various activities and events, including amazing concerts. Click here to see all the activities of the SNFCC and here for all the information about the concerts.


Then stop at the taverns of Pezoulas or Argoura for incredible seafood

A dinner in the historic and traditional seafood restaurant of “Pezoula” located in Tzitzifies, very close to the Cultural Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, is the ideal end to a full day. Alternatively, we unreservedly recommend “Argoura” in the same area, a postmodern tavern that has many established customers thanks to its wonderful food.


Τake a walk or dive in the hot springs of Lake Vouliagmeni

The view of the beautiful and unique landscape of the rock of Lake Vouliagmeni is breathtaking. At the same time, Lake Vouliagmeni is one of the recognized hot springs of Greece. The water emerges from hot springs 50 to 100 meters deep and its temperature fluctuates between 22-29°C throughout the year, so swimming here can be a holistic wellness experience.


Hike to Faskomilia Hill and enjoy the sunset from there

Just above Lake Vouliagmeni you can find the hill of Faskomilia, an ideal location for evening walks. Then you will experience the most beautiful sunset, with the Laimos Vouliagmenis as a background. Many trails also start from this spot, ideal for hiking and exploring.


Attend a concert of Greek rock music at the Faliro Summer Theater

Ipogeia revmata, Magic De Spell and Dimitris Mitsotakis with his band, three of the most famous artists of the Greek alternative rock scene, meet on stage on Thursday, June 9 at the Faliro Summer Theater.


Have a drink in the canteen of Lefteris in Limanakia of Vouliagmeni

The canteen or rather the bar of Lefteris is a secret treasure for a perfect summer experience in Athens. You cannot see it from the road since you have to cross the Limanakia of Vouliagmeni to find it, but it is all worth it. Here you can have a coffee, beer or beverage literally on the rocks, by the endless sea. Of course you can also dive!


Experience the ultimate dance party until dawn at Bolivar

Bolivar is one of the most famous beach bars throughout Athens. It hosts some of the biggest dance events and some of the best DJs in the world, so get ready to party all night.


Go to Trigono in Kalivia for delicious meat chunks after swimming

Generous dishes, ribs, cheese pies, french fries, tzatziki and many other traditional Greek dishes. Trigono in Kalivia is well known all over Attica and calls you like a Siren to taste their delights, as you leave from the beaches around.


Watch a romantic movie at the Akti summer cinema in Vouliagmeni

If you are in Vouliagmeni until nightfall, the Akti summer cinema is ideal to end your day with a movie under the Attic Sky


Enjoy the gastronomic experience head to tail at Blue Fish in Vouliagmeni

With the best setting by the sea and its mouthwatering dishes being an ideal choice during the most beautiful season of the year, Blue Fish in Vouliagmeni tastes like summer. The signature “Head to Tail” menu uses every piece of fish to create a sequence of different dishes.


Swim at the KAPE beach in Sounio


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Crystal clear waters and a landscape that makes you feel like you are in the Cyclades. The majestic KAPE beach is located in Sounio and the 99 steps you have to go down to enjoy it should not stop you. Just be patient during ascent, because the canteen above will be your delicious reward.

Do your shopping in the square of Nea Smyrni and then drink your coffee in Aplika, in the yard of a ’50s detached house.


If you want to take a “non-tourist” route and get to know a very lively but more neighborhood-like suburb of Athens, go to Nea Smyrni (tram station “Agia Fotini”). The square of Nea Smyrni offers all kind of amusement: cafes, restaurants and an affordable market to do your shopping at reasonable prices. After shopping, we would suggest that you step away from the narrow perimeter of the square and go for coffee and snacks in Aplika, in the cozy yard of a 50’s house.

Watch the sunset from the rocks at the beach of Glyfada, with an ice-cold beer in hand

You do not need to go as far as Santorini to enjoy a wonderful Greek sunset. On the Athenian Riviera you will find dozens of places from where you can see the sun disappearing into the sea creating an idyllic setting. A perfect and cozy choice would be the rocks on the beach of Glyfada where you can enjoy the view with an ice cream or an ice-cold beer in hand.


Have a coffee by the sea at Ark

At one of the most charming spots of the Athenian Riviera, in Asteria of Glyfada, the Ark is a perfect place for coffee or food. By the sea, in a place with high aesthetics and elegant decoration, Ark is the ultimate destination for a summer night-out.


Try a traditional souvlaki with gyros at Zachos in Vouliagmeni after a day on the beach

If you go for a swim to Vouliagmeni (or even further on the Athenian Riviera), on the way back make a stop at Zachos for a wrapped pie with pork gyros. It’s one of the most famous souvlaki restaurants in the southern suburbs. You have to try it for yourself.


Alternatively, try the Greek souvlaki in its ultimate vegan version at Avit in Glyfada

Avit is a small true gem of Glyfada. Here you will find well-made latte with vegetable milk, perfect, vegan fresh-baked, sweet-smelling croissants and many other healthy snacks. But its souvlaki with mushroom gyros, triple-boiled potatoes, tomato slices and a vegan version of the classic Greek tzatziki, wrapped in a thin but delicious pie is really mouth-watering. Whether you are vegan or not, you will love it!


Combine your walk in Marina Floisvou with a movie at the Cine Floisvos summer cinema

Third choice for summer cinema in this list and could not be other than the emblematic cinema of Marina Floisvou. Cine Floisvos is one of the most classic and favorite summer cinemas throughout Athens. Maybe because as you watch the movie, the sea breeze calms you down and makes you experience the moment with all your senses. It was recently renovated, and now has a separate room for children movies.

Drink the "Fantastic Boyfriend" cocktail by the sea at the Holy Spirit Beach Bar in Varkiza


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One of the best summer hot spots of Athens is definitely the Holy Spirit Beach Bar on one of the most popular beaches of the Athenian Riviera, that of Varkiza Resort. The lights, its music and all the summer aesthetics, accompanied by your favorite cocktail are mesmerizing.


Go for a swim on the Skalakia, Althea

There are many options for swimming in the east of Attica. From Lagonisi and Saronida to Sounio you will find every few meters a famous beach. However, there is a hidden gem in this route: It’s called Skalakia of Althea. Just beyond Agia Marina, you descend a few stairs that lead you to a beach with crystal clear waters and golden yellow sand. Here’s your destination!

Listen to Parov Stelar at the Release Festival at Plateia Nerou in Faliro


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Marcus Fuereder, known us as Parov Stelar, is the artist who introduced the term Electro Swing with a number of great hits, such as “Catgroove”, “Booty Swing”, “All Night”, “The Princess”, “The Sun”, “Matilda” and many more. You can enjoy his live performance on June 18, at the Release Festival in Plateia Nerou, Faliro.

Go to the iconic club restaurant "Island" in Varkiza

It is a club – restaurant that, as its name suggests, makes you feel like you are on an island, thanks to its unique location by the sea. The “Island”, however, it’s well known to all Athenians for its spectacular events. One of the best parties is called “Jafari” and every Sunday hosts the most famous artists of the techno – spiritual house music scene. It certainly worth the trip up there.


Τake SUP lessons at Shark Water Sports in Varkiza

Are you a beginner and want to start learning SUP? Or are you experienced and just looking for the right place to do your favorite water sport? In both cases, we suggest you visit Shark Water Sports, located on the beach of Varkiza.


Go for a meal at Trypia Varka

A tavern in Megalo Kavouri with perfect fish dishes, by the sea, in a setting that resembles an island,at about 20 km from the center of Athens.


Have a beer (or more) in the yard of 7 Monks in Argyroupoli

If you are looking for a place with genuine love and expertise in beer, you will find it at 7 Monks in Argyroupoli. They are masters in beer field, as they have a huge variety of beers, as well as plenty of food choices. At the same time, the garden is all you need for a relaxing summer night-out with friends.


Ride a bicycle by the sea, on a wonderful coastal route

One of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the view of the Athens coastline is definitely by riding. You will find many options in bike rentals and organized bike tours (for example, take a look here, here and here), and of course don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you!


Visit the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio

Sounio is an ideal choice for an all-day excursion. The route until you reach the famous cape of Attica is awesome, as you drive constantly along the sea. And, of course, you have to visit the Temple of Poseidon – one of the top archeological monuments of Athens but also a place with a unique view of the sea where you can also watch a great sunset.

Then, go for seafood at the famous tavern "Theodoros and Eleni"


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The tavern “Theodoros and Eleni” is the ideal place to taste authentic Greek dishes. Be sure to order mussels, which come fresh and steaming on your plate.

Try the traditional ouzo drink and seafood delicacies accompanying it in "Sardelaki", overlooking Vouliagmeni

Ouzo and tasty appetizers (starters shared by everyone in the table) are the ultimate summer ritual for the Greeks. Enjoy your meal in a wonderful seaside location with a unique view.


Take a car ride along the coastline and stop in Rimbas to take a photo with a breathtaking view.

Shortly after Varkiza, in the well-known Limanakia, you will meet Rimbas, a classic spot for all those who want to capture the moment with the Athenian Riviera in the background. At the side of the road there is space to park your car, stop for a few photos and then continue your ride along the beach.


Take a walk in Glyfada square with a "cheesecake" Ice Roll in hand

Glyfada is considered the “capital” of the Athenian Riviera, as it is the most visited site among the southern suburbs. Full of shops for endless shopping and countless dining options, you will love it! If you want something cold and really tasty while you walk around, try the ice cream rolls of Ice Roll.


Swim naked and free on the nudist beach in the B' Limanakia of Vouliagmeni

That’s right, the Athenian Riviera includes nudist beaches too. The B’ Limanakia of Vouliagmeni is a wonderful cove with clear blue waters, where your swimsuit is not needed.


Go to Poseidonio to experience the Greek "bouzoukia" night-out until sunrise

In the summer months, the bouzoukia of Athenian Riviera is a must as regards entertainment. Along Poseidonos Avenue there are several options to choose from, where you can find the musicians you want to hear that will make you dance and have fun with your friends until the early morning hours. This summer, Posidonio Music Hall hosts the famous singer Panos Kiamos.


After the all-nighter, stop for a sandwich at the canteen "Meraklis" in Faliro

Going to bouzoukia and eating junk food afterwards it’s standard process. This is why “Meraklis” is open all night long. It’s legendary sandwiches will satisfy all late-nighters, as they have been doing since 1976. You will find it at 184 Poseidonos Avenue, at the height of Delta Falirou (near Marina Floisvou and Trokadero Park), next to the tram station.


Take diving lessons at "Go Scuba Diving" in Agia Marina beach

Underwater explorations will allow you to discover the beauty of the seabed and it is probably one of the most interesting summer activities. Click here for more.


Take a walk in the Experience Park to have a look on the large under construction Metropolitan Park of Elliniko

In an area of over 70 acres, with more than 600 trees and 80,000 plants of Mediterranean varieties, The Ellinikon Experience Park is the first section of the large Metropolitan Park of Elliniko opened to the public, which in a few years will be the largest coastal park of Europe. Plus: One of the most beautiful playgrounds in the southern suburbs operates in the park.


Taste Mexican flavors and frozen margaritas at El Catrin in Glyfada

El Catrin is one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in the southern suburbs. Whether you go for drinks or food, be sure to order a refreshing margarita with strawberry or lemon flavor.


Go for a swim at Agios Nikolaos beach in Anavyssos and then climb the hill where a scenic church is located to take a photo of the magical view

Agios Nikolaos of Anavyssos is one of the most unique beaches of Attica, due to its shape. Sandy, with clear waters and a temple on a hill with a wonderful view. Plus: There is also a small nudist beach that you will see as you cross the hill of the beach.


Go for seafood but also for a traditional feast with Greek music at the restaurant "Akti" in the Vouliagmeni’s bay on a Sunday afternoon


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And, suddenly, on a Sunday afternoon, a simple meal by the sea can turn into the most fun party playing Greek music.


Try the signature sushi rolls of Tokyo Joe in Vouliagmeni, only a few steps from the sea

One of the most popular sushi restaurant chains in Athens is Tokyo Joe. We recommend the store of Vouliagmeni due to its unique location. A perfect combination would be the signature rolls and a Specialty Tokyo Joe Cocktail.

Discover one of the most hidden beaches in the south, Chiou beach, only by asking for the exact coordinates to find it.


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It has clear blue waters and a rock that emerges from the beach making the landscape even more idyllic. It is a well hidden gem at the end of the Poseidonia peninsula, at the border where Sounio ends and Lavrio begins. Do not worry, if you click here you will find the exact coordinates.

Go for tacos and cocktails at the bohemian and exotic Coyoacan

In a bohemian setting, Coyoacan at Varkiza Resort invites you for relaxing, summer excursions, from early in the morning until late at night, with food and drinks, diving all day on the famous beach of Varkiza.

Enjoy the view from the place known as the "Balcony of Glyfada"

On the ridge of Glyfada, at the end of Serron Street and at the foot of Mount Ymittos, there is a perfect spot where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Glyfada, Piraeus up to Aegina. In fact, the Municipality has created an idyllic small square, with trees, awnings and benches, to enjoy the view in peace.


Get to Spata to try the traditional mutton dish of the canteen "Stis Elies"

A canteen with a few tables in the middle of nowhere. And yet it is worth getting there (if you have a car) returning from the beaches of Vouliagmeni. The signature dish of the store is the mutton. Fillet, in small and juicy pieces, excellent baking, a pure delight! Accompanied by a fresh Greek salad and french fries, for a simple but unforgettable culinary experience.


Drink an Espresso Lime Spritzer at the brand new on the go spot of the Nespresso store in Glyfada

Nespresso of Glyfada now offers coffee on the go, along with a variety of drinks and special bites.  Nine fine blends and coffee of unique origin, from Guatemala and Peru to India, are waiting for us in the shop at Grigoriou Lambraki to enjoy it, in packages created from recyclable materials. Also, renowned Chefs create special snacks especially for Nespresso, completing the delicious experience.


Eat Spaghetti ala Chitarra in the garden of Bella Vespa in Glyfada

The yard of Bella Vespa offers fine Italian food at a relaxed setting that the local people have made it their favorite place for years. The top food choice for the summer is spaghetti ala chitarra (with tomato, mozzarella and basil oil).


Spend two days by the sea at the "Somewhere Boutique Hotel" in Vouliagmeni

Somewhere Boutique Hotel in Vouliagmeni offers comfort and discreet luxury, right by the sea and a breath away from the popular Vouliagmeni square.


Accompany your Proscioutto pizza with a Greek or foreign wine at Cava Vegera in Voula

The delicious pizza, the top quality wine and the perfect suggestions for interesting pairings in this wine cellar have developed it into a meeting point in the area of Voula. Ideal spot for closing a wonderful day at the Athenian Riviera.