Where to go for dinner from Varkiza to Sounion

Going to Sounion, you will find many dining options. We've put together a list of taverns and restaurants that are definitely worth a stop.

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As we all know, the sea opens the appetite. That’s why we have gathered the taverns and restaurants with really good food from Varkiza to Sounion, whether you combine it with swimming or a visit to the Temple of Poseidon, or just making a mini escape from the city, without having to drive for hours.

Kastelorizo, Varkiza (42 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

The tradition of fresh fish, the quality of raw materials and fine dishes are the reasons that make Kastelorizo retain its fanatic audience after more than forty years of operation.  Its privileged location by the sea places it among our top choices for seafood in summer, while their experience and mastery leave nothing less than a delightful gastronomic journey.

Kyra Popi, Lagonisi (29 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

In a beautiful, green garden, Kyra Poppi in Lagonisi is waiting for us directly, as we are after our dives, to pamper us with her sea creations. Feta rolls with tomato jam, honey and organic sesame, fava with octopus, spaghetti with sea urchins and barley roti with shrimps are some of the restaurant’s proposals, which are always presentable but also delicious. Along with them, a wine list from the Greek and international vineyards is offered, as well as the necessary dessert for the end.

Vallis Syrtaki, Sounion (2,5 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Located just five minutes drive from the Temple of Poseidon, Syrtaki or Vallis restaurant is renowned for the quality and taste of its dishes – a reputation that reaches beyond the borders of Sounion. This is certainly due to the magnificent views but also to the thoughtful recipes (most of them based on seafood), which go out of the ordinary and offer you something extra.

Stamatis, Legrena (5 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Another option located just a breath away from the archaeological site of Sounion. Here you will sacrifice the sea view for an unpretentious taverna with really good food. As simple and nice as its name is simple, this restaurant stands out for its fresh fish and delicious seafood appetizers. It is located in Legrena, so it is perfectly combined with a swim at KAPE, probably the most beautiful beach of the Riviera.

Psarou, Lavrion (8 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Psarou brings the sea to our plate. Here you will enjoy delicious seafood and appetizers that will make you lick your fingers. You can try dishes that are both traditional and more special, from monkfish with spaghetti, to prawns with curry, pineapple, coconut cream and basmati.

Lavraki, Saronida (23 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Lavraki in Saronida makes you feel like you’re on an island. Fresh fish and seafood, appetizers along with ouzo, cold beers and a relaxed atmosphere, ideal to enjoy your food as you are, right after the sea. On the menu you will find traditional recipes, but also more special ones, even sushi.

Marida, Legrena (5 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

The legendary fish tavern, located in Legrena since 1930, is a reference point for the area. Everybody knows that in Marida you will find seafood and fresh fish, which the restaurant supplies from windmills and boats from Lavrio. It is no coincidence that it works equally well in winter. As for their specialties: These are shrimp orzo, cuttlefish risotto, marinated anchovies and, of course, maridaki.

Theodoros and Eleni, Legrena (6 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

The Theodoros and Eleni restaurant in Legrena is all the Greek sea on your plate. Although it is not located on the coastal road, it is famous all over Athens and its surroundings for its flavours and quality. There, you’ll enjoy, among other things, delicious steamed mussels with feta (a must on the menu), as well as the fresh carrot pasta with prawns, which is also a strong choice.

Kalamia, Lagonisi (30 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Kalamia, the historic fish tavern that has been standing in the same spot in Lagonisi since 1947, offers fresh fish and seafood – with its incredible shrimp pasta being a famous dish. It is a genuine fish tavern, working with four boats that work only for them. It is an ideal stop for after the beach.

Apomero, Thymari (14 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

If your way takes you to the wonderful beach “Thymari” then you have to put Apomero on your list of options for eating after swimming. Of course it’s worth getting there, even if you don’t combine it with that. It’s worth entering the place, sitting at the tables under the mulberry trees and enjoying the dishes and snacks.

Cape Sounio Restaurant, Sounio (4 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Cape Sounio Restaurant, which you will find in the luxury resort of the same name, is a whole experience. In its luxurious and comfortable space you will sit at the tables and feel like you are in the middle of the sea, while you will be impressed by the wonderful view created by the combination of the blue with the imposing Temple of Neptune. As for the menu, it combines elements of Greek cuisine with various flavors of the world, creating interesting gastronomic proposals.

Antigoni, Thymari (14 km from the Temple of Poseidon)

Antigoni with its gravel courtyard and mulberry trees overlooks the sea from above and is the ideal spot to enjoy a meal or dinner while gazing at the horizon. And the cuisine of the restaurant is another reason to visit. Okay, the most important one! Delicious lamb chops, lamb chops, octopus and calamari are perfectly combined with tempting appetizers such as fried bread or fried zucchini, leading us effortlessly to one of the tables to enjoy them.