Best fish and seafood restaurants on the Athenian Riviera

Restaurants with great sea views but also traditional tavernas on small side streets that only locals know about? This guide has it all.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the -almost holy- ritual that is traditional Greek seafood, keep one basic rule in mind: Even in the most high-end restaurants of our list, the courses usually act as mezés, meaning they are placed in the middle of the table so everybody can share, along with ouzo, tsipouro or wine. Same goes for the fresh fish, usually grilled on the barbecue, which is the most delicious way to eat fish from the Greek side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy the ritual of eating fish to the fullest, just pick one of the following destinations:

Jimmy’s Fish

One of the all-time greatest destinations of Pireaus’s Mikrolimano for fish and seafood. Babis Dimakos, the owner, sources everything needed in the kitchen himself. He is up at sunrise, on a daily basis, selecting each individual fish from the suppliers as well as the rest of the necessary ingredients  for his demanding and flavourful menu.

Blue Fish

A restaurant right next to the sea, that will make you fall in love not only with the view but also with the amazing food it serves. With its high quality and aesthetics that define not only its dishes but the space as well, it’s the ideal destination for fish, from early afternoon to late night.

Varoulko Seaside

Words are simply not enough to describe Lefteris Lazarou’s Michelin-awarded restaurant. It will suffice to say that all real seafood enthusiasts should visit it and enjoy its menu with a view of the waters and of the masts of Mikrolimano. The menu features everything, from creative fingerfood to main courses that justify the restaurant’s reputation as one of the best in Greece.


It’s one of the oldest seafood restaurants on the Athenian Riviera and a “must” for those who know and love good fish. Set in an enviable position opposite Vouliagmeni Lake and with an enchanting view of the Saronic Gulf, the restaurant maintains its position as one of the best restaurants for fresh fish. The big display at the front hosts a wide variety of fish, enticing your appetite as soon as you pass through its door, with grilled fish on the barbecue being the restaurant’s specialty.


A restaurant of the Athens Riviera yet named after one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese. Kastelorizo prouds itself on Mediterranean dishes featuring mainly seafood. Being located in one of the most beautiful sections of the Attica Riviera, the Varkiza marina, it offers an unobstructed view of the sea.


Iolkos started as a regular tsipouro place, like the ones traditionally found in Volos, in 2013. Today it’s a restaurant, one that stays true to its original identity, but has  also reinvented itself. The menu emphasises the quality and the importance of raw material. Here you’ll find all that the sea provides on a daily basis: fish, shellfish, oysters, cockles, clams, crawfish, mussels. Additionally, they have an ever-changing wine list and an extensive selection of aged tsipouro.


Dourabeis can pride itself on being one of the most popular and oldest seafood taverns of Pireaus and Athens in general. Established in 1932, the traditional tavern of Dourabeis serves the freshest fish and most unique shellfish that only they can prepare so brilliantly. One of its oldest and finest dishes is crawfish meat, served since 1977.


The coastal road of Kavouri leads to this  seaside restaurant, set so close to the water that you can almost feel the waves. It opened its doors in 1924 and it’s been family-owned since then (currently managed by the the third generation of the founding family). The fish come straight from the islands of Leros, Antiparos and the Ambracian Gulf, while the menu includes both traditional and modern options. All these can be paired with a glass of their fine wine selections, mainly from Greek vines (with some exquisite undertones,), as well as from French vines.


Papaioannou restaurants, with a history dating back to the early ’90s, are a timeless choice for quality fish food in Athens. Under the guidance of its “captain”, Giorgos Papaioannou, this restaurant that bears his name, located in Mikrolimano, has become an iconic destination for enjoying fresh fish and seafood. In the summer of 2021, another Papaioannou restaurant opened in Kavouri, in the “heart” of the Athens Riviera.

Akrovoli Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Akrovoli Restaurant & Oyster Bar can be found in the traditional walkway of Voula. Original raw material and fresh produce are at the core of the restaurant’s philosophy, thus introducing the most flavourful, creative and delicious version of seafood. At the same time though, Akrovoli remains an elegant and modern oyster bar- it’s also a great choice for when you just want to sit at the bar and drink a glass of wine (choosing from the carefully curated wine list), accompanied with fine shellfish.


This restaurant is in one of the most ideal spots on the Athenian Riviera, with panoramic views of the sea and a menu based on fresh fish and seafood. The Mediterranean cuisine is at the very core of Ithaki, with the grilled fish being a customer favourite, but Asian inspired dishes are also part of the menu. Their impressive, updated wine list, featuring Greek and international labels, is yet another reason why you should visit the restaurant.

Akti Restaurant


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A sophisticated seafood restaurant with an Aegean feel and a magnificent view of the bay of Vouliagmeni. It follows the modern trends of eclectic fish eating, for a wholesome, top-quality gastronomic experience.


One of the most famous seafood restaurants of the southern suburbs, situated in the area of Glyfada. You will be greeted with a serving platter of appetisers and spreads, that will keep you busy, until the main course is served. Do enquire about the day’s specials and make sure you try the restaurant’s specialty, the grilled pilchard, with a side of diced tomato and fresh onion.


The owners of this fish shop / fish tavern come from the Greek Island of Naxos and the love for top quality seafood runs through their veins. Delicious grilled octopus and calamari, shrimps and crayfish, mussels, oysters and all sorts of fresh shellfish are served here on a daily basis.


The first thing to make impression after you take a seat at the tavern’s blue tables is that they serve fresh scallops, fish and delicious beef burgers, as well as authentic Italian pizza, focaccia and spaghetti. Yes, it is an Italian trattoria disguised as a Greek fish tavern that, among other things, makes great grilled dishes. Does this seem incredible to you? Incredible, yet true. Even more remarkably, everything is of exceptional quality.


Another great choice on the way back from the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio to Athens. Located in the same spot since 1947 on the seaside, the environment is that of a traditional fish tavern, with really good fish and a wonderful view out to sea. It is also known for its remarkable shrimp pasta.


This fish tavern has hosted great Greek musicians and artists, who fell in love with its simplicity and delicious dishes. Fresh fish is carefully cooked on the grill or in the pan, while the Platamonas shrimps are to die for. It is a must to order the caramelized octopus with black-eyed beans and cherry tomatoes, the homemade taramosalata (fish roe dip) and the delicious fish soup.


A particularly popular fish tavern, with a tradition in serving good fish since 1950. It is located in an old, nostalgic house, and it insists on a small but delicious menu. After trying the fresh fish from the Cyclades and the fried shrimp from Platamonas, along with tomato salad, cheese and olives, you will certainly come back again. For dessert, they will treat you to homemade halva and traditional Greek spoon sweet.


As a member of the famous “family” of seafood restaurants, the Papaioannou Club, Barbounaki in Glyfada matches artistically the club’s other restaurants, but also introduces a more accessible line of seafood. The menu features fried fish and other seafood -grilled, smoked and marinated- as well as pasta dishes with fish. Make sure you order the red mullet filet with crispy skin, grilled or pan fried.