Here are the top places with the best cocktails in Athens

Here is a list of the best bars in Athens:  Places with special character, nice atmosphere but above all cocktails that offer an exciting taste experience.

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A city that can be proud of having some of the best bars in the world must also offer unique cocktails. Athens is doing great in this area (as well).


Bar in front of the bar / Rumble in the Jungle

“Bar in front of the bar” and “Rumble” in the jungle is a killer combination. One is in front, taking out its stools on the pedestrian street of Petraki (between Ermou and Mitropoleos) and the other is “hiding” right behind. The first is an urban street bar with a menu that changes its cocktails every day and the second a speakeasy London style cocktail bar that is beautiful, with nice vibes and even nicer cocktails. Its drinks are served extremely frozen (this is why its gin tonic is probably the best in town) while from the list of cocktails I suggest the martini style called “Her scent”, which is a wonderful combination of divine flavor and aromas.

The Clumsies

Athenian bar that was listed in the top 50 Best Bars from its first year of operation and since then is ranked every year in the top ten. Its atmosphere, the quality of its cocktails and the hospitality it offers make it stand out worldwide. Each menu options is a unique journey, an unexpected surprise. In fact, it is the first bar in the city that used laboratory methods in cocktail glasses and presented us with transparent daiquiri, the blue aegean negroni, or the wannabe modern classic highball gimlet. Each of these three options is an unforgettable tasting experience.

Βaba au Rum

One of the best classic bars in this city, is Baba au Rum. This bar is the first to introduce Athens to the culture of rum consumption and is also the first Athenian bar to be included in the list of the 50 best bars in the world. The list of its cocktails is a small masterpiece that mesmerizes you as you browse it and you may find it difficult to choose one. I recommend “The Buccaneer’s Negroni”, which of course is rum based and has a wonderful taste.

Mr. Fox

There is a bar that serves exceptional cocktails in the southern suburbs of the city and that is none other than Mr. Fox. The menu offers options for every hour of the day – whether you want to accompany your brunch or you want to have fun at your night-out. My personal favorite for any hour of the day at Mr. Fox, is Monk’s Nightcap.


The first and most authentic tiki bar of the city is located a breath away from the Acropolis Museum, in the hip square of Koukaki. Here the top options are Mai Tai, Zombie and other tiki or classic cocktails, while the music is always uplifting, as it should be in such a bar. If you want something different from a classic tiki cocktail, I suggest “Flower power” from the list of signature cocktails.

Nikkei Peruvian Resto- Bar

The truth is, Athens is still lagging behind a little in the category of restaurant bars. But, fortunately, there is the Nikkei Peruvian Resto-Bar that manages to fill this gap. It is not an easy task for a store to stand out with its cocktails while at the same time being a restaurant with delicious dishes. And yet, unique cocktails like Chilean Sorpresa are served at the Nikkei bar.

Barro Negro

A bar that represents wonderfully tequila and Mexico culture in Greece. Being tequila lovers, the two owners could not help but create a shop dedicated to it, with an extraordinary cellar full of Mexican spirits. Here Paloma is the number one option, since Barro Negro is the first Paloma Embassy by Three Cents while the Margaritas make you feel like you are in Mexico.

Odori Vermuteria di Atene

The first shop in Athens dedicated to vermouth, with beautiful decoration, Italian atmosphere and unique cocktails. Each of the previous catalogs left its own mark on the Athenian drinking culture, while the latter moves in a double direction, offering aperitivi and funky cocktails. The best option to accompany your pizza is an Americano version, the perfect Aperitivo for you.

Upupa Epops

The bar with the extraordinary name, the beautiful yard, the classic bar and the wonderful cocktails, in the vibrant -although outside the classic tourist route- area of Petralona. Lady Whiskey, with its sweet red vermouth mixed with whiskey, bitters and truffle pearls is a must.

Lot 51

Lot51 may be famous for its coffee, brunch, atmosphere and the total vibe, but there is something else that makes it stand out. Its cocktails. Try a perfectly executed gin tonic, rich in lemon aromas that transcends the glass.

Uncle Tan’s Drinking House

One of the most distinctive bars in the city is inspired by Singapore. It is the new bar of Piraeus, Uncle Tan’s, where you will drink unique Asian-type cocktails with special ingredients. I suggest to try the So Kiasu!, a variation of mojito with sake, lime, soda, basil and cordial grapefruit or the Singapore Sling which is their signature cocktail.

7 Jokers

The legendary Tony Conigliaro was once asked what he considers to be the best bar in Athens and without a second thought he replied the “7 Jokers”. In fact, he said that there should be a 7 Jokers bar in every capital of the world. It’s one of the center’s most unpretentious and fun bars, but it is also the number one choice for a night-out for almost all bartenders – and that speaks for itself. Try the “Rum Fashioned”.